Pivot tables for text?

I have the following front matter variables in each class notes file:

  1. Students present
  2. Name of class
  3. Name of the class
  4. Class notes
  5. Individual class notes
  6. Comments for the next lesson
  7. Date
  8. Time

All of these variables can change, so I can’t figure out a starting point to create these notes.

I was thinking of using Excel/Librecalc instead, and then linking to Obsidian notes, perhaps via Hookmark to avoid breaking links.

Have you checked the dataview plugin?

This might help Obsidian Dataview Plugin Tutorial 101 - YouTube
by Brian Jenks

If you make ‘students present’ and the rest into properties and the answers into value you can query them into tables.

E.G. properties and values in a note

students-present:: [[person 1]], [[etc]]
name-of-class:: [[sociology]]


And the query them with the dataview plugin for example like this

TABLE students-present, name-of-class
FROM #classes
SORT file.ctime DESC

You’ll get this result

TABLE = for how you want your data be viewed
The properties after that are for the columns
FROM = from what kind of source “classes” would be all notes from the folder named classes
SORT = in what order
LIMIT = how many notes do you want in the table

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