Pinning of properties upon collapse

Use case or problem

When I want to save space and only see a select few properties, I want to collapse them but not all of them.

Proposed solution

Pin a property through clicking on the type, in the popup menu where it says Property Type, Cut, copy, Paste, add a “Pin/Unpin” option.

When collapsing, this property is still shown, saving both space, and removing the “add property” possibility.

This looks like this, mockup:

Upon pinning, a little symbol is next to it, and upon collapsing of all properties, that one still shows. The indent is maybe estatic, but also to show the user that the property is in fact part of the collapsed area.

This can be saved with the type of the property, like how to represent it, so it can be a global setting to keep certain properties visible, like created, tags, or others in notes that have different properties.

Current workaround (optional)

None, it is either collapsed shows no properties, or expand shows all.

Related feature requests (optional)

Couln’t find any upon search.


That’s great idea!!

I’m curiously thinking if there would be possible in the coding css level (I’m not a coder) to hide a certain property in live preview, let’s say cssClass, for example I would like to make a page wide and adds some classes, I just wanted to hide that specifically, similar to capacities app. Or another design like the anytype app, that shows properties in somewhere, and I could pin some properties to show there as ‘featured properties’ that would show on the page, while others remain hidden. Would any one of these be possible? I think it would add a lot of functionality and also declutter the aesthetic.