Pinning Note to sidebar

Things I have tried

Dragging note to Sidebar, googling, etc.

What I’m trying to do

On the page for the calendar add-on the author posted a picture in which the calender is on the top of the right sidebar and there appears to be a note on the bottom of the same sidebar.

I’ve managed to drag a note into the sidebar but all that does is occupy the whole space. I’m trying to split it horizontally.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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I’d suggest keeping it—as info for newbies.

And maybe mark your solution by highlighting/bolding it. If the forum allows, you could also check your own post as “solution” so others can see this is a resolved help issue.

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Edit: three minutes later I realized that you can drag the icons in the sidebar. Didn’t know you could do that.
Not sure if I should delete this or close it for posterity?

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