Pinning folders in the file tree panel

It would be extremely helpful if the most frequently used folders can be pinned on the left file tree interface, but I just can not find such an option, either in the native file tree setting or in the settings of the alternative file tree plugin. It certainly helps a lot to be able to pin individual notes, but it would help even more if such the coverage of such a feature can be extended to folders.

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Bookmarks would do the trick no?

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Since both of these ideas are discussed, I think it is worth linking this feature request: File Explorer Custom Sort


Dropbox does not have a native feature that allows you to directly “pin” folders to the file tree panel in the Dropbox web interface. However, you can use a workaround to achieve a similar effect by creating a bookmark for the folder you want to quickly access. Here’s how you can do it:

Create a Folder Bookmark in Your Browser:
    Navigate to the Dropbox website and go to the specific folder you want to "pin."
    In your web browser, look for the option to create a bookmark or favorite. This is usually available in the browser's menu or toolbar.
    Create a bookmark for the current folder.

Access the Folder Quickly:
    Whenever you want to access the "pinned" folder quickly, click on the bookmark you created. It will take you directly to that folder within Dropbox.

Keep in mind that this workaround is based on browser bookmarks and doesn’t actually pin the folder within the Dropbox interface. Additionally, Dropbox features may have been updated or changed since my last knowledge update, so I recommend checking the official Dropbox website or support resources for any new features or updates related to folder organization and navigation.

If you find that this workaround doesnt suit your needs, consider providing feedback to Dropbox through their official channels. They may consider adding a pinning or favorite feature based on user feedback and evolving platform updates.