Pinning a page in file explorer

I searched the feature request section and couldn’t find anything specific to this request.

Use case or problem

I love the file explorer’s sorting mechanism via “new”, “alphabet” etc. However sometimes I would just like one page to be above the rest, for example a “dashboard” or “index page”. Just 1 or 2, you know, that sits above the rest, even on top of folders, and ignores sorting?

Proposed solution

  1. Right click > Pin page to top.
  2. Pinned.
  3. To un-pin, right click > unpin.

Current workaround (optional)

There is the Starred pages panel, but this isn’t the most ideal because I would love to be able to see everything in one single pane, especially difficult to navigate between panes on mobile. Maybe there could be an option to integrate the starred pages directly inside the File explorer panel?

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