Pinned tab should not be closed using cmd/ctrl+W

Steps to reproduce

  • Pin a tab
  • Press cmd/ctrl+W
  • See tab get closed

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Expected result

Just like other apps (e.g. Firefox), I expect the tab to stay open, and move the current open tab to the next unpinned tab.

Actual result

Pinned tab is closed.


MacOS, Obsidian 1.3.7.

Additional information

I think a pinned tab should be difficult to close accidentally. For users who rely on keyboard shortcuts, the pinned tab becomes basically indistinguishable from other tabs.

There is a couple of ways that this could be resolved: either do as Firefox does and focus on the next unpinned tab, or do as Chrome does, and ask for confirmation (in the form of an additional cmd/ctrl+W) before closing.

Pinned tabs serve a different function in Obsidian.
Search/Open a feature request for this.