Pinch to pan/zoom selects a node if a finger touches one in the graph on Android


[ ] iOS
[x] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.2

I’m on Android 11 using a Pixel 3a.

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

In a graph with a bunch of nodes, it can be difficult to zoom/pan the view.
You’ll have to carefully place 2 fingers in empty spaces in order to zoom/pan.

Not sure if it’s a conflict with some plugins. I’m using just 3 community plugins:

  • Advanced Tables
  • Calendar
  • Periodic Notes

Here’s what it looks like:


This is still an issue in Mobile version v1.0.5.

I’m on Android 12 using a Pixel 3a.

If this ‘bug’ is an intended mechanic, perhaps this can be reconsidered because I think it would improve the ease of use of the graph view.

I don’t know how can this be avoided.
How can we distringuish if you touching a node intentionally or accidentally?

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