Pictures stored locally on Dataview

Hi, I have lots of pictures and even short videos saved locally in a folder called “attachments” inside my obsidian vault. I want to display them as it is done with images online.
Like I have a dataview with all my cooking dishes, and I want to display the picture stored locally, how do I do it?

I don’t really understand what you mean by “as it is done with images online.”

Maybe a bit more explanation or an example screenshot could help folks point you in the right direction.

Sorry for the poor explanation, English is not my first language.
When I create a table in dataview I use: Table (“![|300] (“image”)”)
where “image” is a link to the picture in the file’s properties.
Like this:[email protected]
I have images stored locally, how can I display them in data view as well?

I hope it’s more understandable now

I don’t have any Dataview queries that use images myself, but if you search here for “dataview local images,” a few examples show up.

Maybe if you share the query you are using, it could give one of the Dataview pros a starting point to offer assistance.