Pictures in text blocks

I use Obsidan for year now and I am still not very happy with how it works with inserted pictures in notes.

My notes are very often full of screenshots. But the problem is that when I paste image, the embedded image destroys the note hierarchy like this:

I can insert picture like 2nd level, but it doesn’t look nice in the note at all, because there is a completely empty bullet point above the picture. But the hierarchy remains.

I am doing something wrong? Do you have any tip for me?

If I understand your problem correctly, your solution is to indent the image reference the same way you would indent a paragraph. Like this :

CleanShot 2022-03-25@07h01m10

Before the picture reference, there are two ⇥, as it is required by the Markdown syntax. And you get this :

CleanShot 2022-03-25@07h02m34

Is it what you want ?

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can u paste the md text u have in the above example. i think u might have (1) skipped a line, creating a new list, and (2) you inadvertently unindent the bullet after the picture. u can indent it back as long as the list is continuous. below is how i usually capture daily notes (when i have screenshot or picture from web)

- ## [[project]] detailed title
	- #meetingnote #draft 
	- note on the screenshot `ss`
		- ![[Pasted image 20220321141146.png]]
	- other notes
		- sub to other notes  
	- other notes 2
	- other notes 3

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