Picture are not being displayed when the vault is in a network drive

Steps to reproduce

Everything was fine. A couple of days ago and suddenly today I noticed that the pictures inside my notes are not visible anymore, I checked the source file and there is nothing wrong with them. then have restarted the computer and also reinstalled the app but the problem still continues to exist.

Expected result

Obsviously to fix the issue, but I wasn't successful!

Actual result

Problem still exist.


what is the path to this vault? are you using weird characters in the path?

As of 0.13.30+, vaults on network locations that aren’t mounted as network drives don’t work anymore

So instead you have to mount as a network drive (with a drive letter), and it should work again.

Otherwise, remove obsidian from program files, and the AppData folders associated with it, reinstall 0.13.23, and turn off auto updates. Kinda annoying, as now obsidian takes up an entire drive letter on my pc, when previously I could point to a network location in the address bar above, but it’s the only working solution I could come up with.

We don’t support nor recommend you use network drive.
Some filesystems features that obsidian uses are not available on network drives (such as directory watching). Use at your own risk.

Actually this was disabled in response to a potential security vulnerability related to resources hosted on a public network share controlled by an attacker. This has been identified and fixed in the latest public release, which is why you’re seeing the issue.

I have created an alternative mitigation for this vulnerability which would still allow opening a vault in a network share and being able to view its image files. We will ship that soon, in the next major release (0.14+).


Steps to reproduce

Note: You are going to need a samba server.

On a Windows 10 machine.
Right click on This PC > Add a network location

Mine looks like \\mynas\notes

Create a new folder and copy some of your old notes (notes only)

Open Obsidian and Open the vault. Create an Attachments folder and tell obsidian that this folder will be the Attachments folder.

Drag an image to it. The image might load but after restarting obsidian the image will not load

Expected result

I expect the image to load on a Network location Vault.

Actual result

The images are not loading and it shows an icon of a broken Image


  • Operating system: Win10
  • Debug info:

Additional information

  • It seems to only happen to images… not PDF. just any type of image…

  • I was able to to solve the problem by “Mapping the network drive” instead of a network location. This make me think that the lib that obsidian is using to load images has some problem reading images with a path similar to \\mynas\notes instead of Z:\notes

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