Photo journalling - tracking memories using dataview and photos hosted on the cloud

Hi people!

I want to keep a photo and memories journal using dataview and obsidian. Such a dataview table would have the date of a memory as a link and an embeded memorable photo (only on the days I added one) from all notes tagged with my daily note tag #:notebook: (see image example).

My current set up works… but it breaks at some point later and the google images that I add today won’t load/render after a week or so.

  • This is a major fragility in an otherwise lovely solution to scroll through past photo memories.

Could anyone help to make this concept less fragile?

  • I have posted my templates here on the òbsidian discord server, and I will update this post when I can get the format more robust
  • my current questions are
    • Why does the photo link stop working after a time?
  • if the google linked worked, I would still want to ensure I have a back up - so in a yearly review template, one could have a reminder to export the Photo Journal note as a PDF. (edited)

  • example photo journal entry rendering the image
  • broken embedded photo links for old embedded images

Is anyone else interested in this kind of idea? How are you achieving this currently? Do you have a robust solution?

Thanks in advance!