Photo / Image archive that integrates with Obsidian

Hello dear Obsidian community

Maybe you have an idea how to manage illustrations, like a Digital Asset Manager that works well together with Obsidian.

  • For my work and research, I collect and use different types of illustrations.
  • It can be historic photos, technical drawings, illustrations, photos etc that usually depict something specific or can be tagged to a wider topic.
  • Adding Metadata such as description, dates, sources, tags or links would be necessary.
  • Ideally stored locally or in a specific cloud folder, not internal in an app

The idea would be to be able to link or embed assets from the Digital Asset Manager within Obsidian Markdown without redundancy.

Do you have any idea?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I do this in a kind of clunky way. I store almost all non-md files in an “Archive” folder (that way I can exclude them from syncing to mobile devices). Then if there’s a photo I want to tag, link, describe, whatever, I make a separate md file with any data I want + the photo embedded. It’s clumsy but it works well for me. But it sounds like your use case is quite a bit more intense—I just use this for journal entries, art I like to look at, etc.

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Thanks for your reply!
I found a similar solution on Reddit to manage illustrations and images in an App / Digital Asset Manager like Eagle, and to save the library within the Obsidian Vault. That way, the images can be excluded (like you suggested for mobile), yet liked and embedded too.

I’ll give them a try.

I use OneDrive as my cloud for documents because I use Microsoft Office a lot at work, but it has an interesting feature where it generates an iframe for your images that you can embed anywhere, including Obsidian.

I have to test if it works OK, but in theory, it should. Also, OneDrive free tier may just get you enough space for the proposed use. The only caveat is that these embeds will be public, and anyone with the link will be able to see your images (I don’t think they will be indexed in search engines), so maybe not use this for anything you wish to keep private.

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