Phone display is impossible to read

I have attached a picture of my android phone display. All of a sudden this happened.


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Looks like you’ve been syncing the workspace file. Either exclude that file from sync, or choose a separate config folder.
(Obsidian Sync doesn’t sync that file, but third party solutions usually do.)

Looks like you have several windows open. The easiest way to get back to normal is to close the windows using the three-dot menu.

I agree with koala’s suggestion to not sync your workspace file to your mobile device.

Oh yea, I see. Thanks for your instantaneous assistance!

I now know why I pay monthly. :joy:
Great application and service.

I have the same issue from time to time, and I don’t understand why it happens. I tried to analyze it and see maybe I’m doing something wrong, but as it seems, sometimes it happens randomly and is unpredictable.