Personal rational thinking AI assistant

I recently published a short blog post on how to deploy Seeker on Kubernetes

This chat bot enrich its conversational knowledge in real-time using the internet.

So I have a very premature idea of a plugin that would try to challenge your ideas, a kind of skeptic chat bot, trying to disprove everything you think of.

The hard part is the UX, how to make it not-too-invasive and relevant to what you write about.

Please challenge this idea, extend it, is it worth it? Can we benefit from it?


this could be very helpfull. But why stop there? If we are talking about a 2nd brain, taking notes about things you are thinking about, about ideas…
…it would be great, if it would also consider the knowlage that I have build up myself, not only things from the internet.

“doing this, doing that, should result in …” ← “in note xyz, you said that you shouldnt do that, because of…”

this is the current outcome