(Personal) Accounting plugin for Obsidian

Obsidian is a tool for knowledge management, isn’t it?
I suggest a plug-in which (possibly create a dedicated vault or not) help in tracking expenses, incomes, dues, receivables etc
Alongwithith some minimal graphical interface for easeness.

Such plugin would help in managing personal finance, including recording experiences and notes and not just numbers.
And if more people join their heads to work on such plugin, imagination can go beyond limits…:grinning:


Definitively have a look at https://orgmode.org/ to start with.
Sure you will be able to apply a lot to Obsidian too.
ORG also uses text files to organise literally everything.
I used it for a while a years ago.
Mostly build around EMACS which is now available in almost any OS.


https://plaintextaccounting.org/ is something that you should also look up. I’ve using the Beancount ledger with Fava as a frontend for visualization and querying.