Persistent "close page" x on publish panes

I’ve noticed that with sliding panes on the little x to close the pane is sometimes invisible.

It’s always invisible on whatever pane is active, and if more than one pane can fit on the screen, the x for those panes are also invisible.

It is there if you mouse over it, the “Close page” tooltip appears, but the x can’t be seen at all. Once a there are enough panes for them to stack, the x appears.

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if it’s deliberate, but a reader has emailed me saying it’s quite confusing and I noticed it myself a few days before.


you can solve this is your publish.css with .extra-title { opacity: 1}

or something fancier if you just want the X visible

.extra-title-text { opacity: 0; }

.sliding-windows .publish-renderer.mod-squished .extra-title-text  {
opacity: 1;

We will be deploying this change to all Publish sites soon

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