Persist folded state of callouts

Use case or problem

I frequently fold/unfold callouts to focus on certain parts of a note. When moving between notes, the folded state always resets (either open or closed depending on the first line syntax).

It would be nice to have the option to persist the callout state between page visits.

Proposed solution

Create a preference named “Persist callout state between page visits”.

If this option is enabled when the user collapses/expands a callout, Obsidian toggles the plus (+) or minus (-) sign int the first line. For example, from > [!Note]+ Title to > [!Note]- Title

Optionally, not having a plus/minus sign in the first line could be interpreted as ‘do not persist this callout’.

Current workaround (optional)

I’m manually toggling the plus/minus sign if I need to keep a callout open/closed between visits.