Permission for plagiarism - Obsidian GUI as a graphical environment in linux

Hi all!

1. Idea

  1. I would like to create a graphical interface equal and similar to Obsidian
  2. I believe Obsidian has a great GUI and design
  3. The graphical interfaces of Windows, MacOs and Linux - in my opinion they are bad - they are bad because they are common, there is no innovation!
  4. Basically - and I’m talking about something very general - without going into too much detail here - macos is based on the Xerox GUI
  5. Windows was basically command line - see “dos”
  6. When “Windows IT staff” saw MacOs - created a screen concept, just see “Windows 3.1”

2. Concept

3. Why?

  1. There are people who have difficulty using Linux for not knowing or not knowing how to use it - I would like to have an obsidian interface to solve this problem
  2. The Linux/MacOs/Android/Ios/Windows interfaces are very similar, they only differ in one thing or another - such as icon position and general purpose of use. So… I understand that there is a standard that everyone likes like the graphical interface of Linux/MacOs/Android/Ios/Windows - I’m not criticizing any graphical interface, my complaint is only on the creativity/innovation part
  3. It’s 2022 - and most graphical interfaces haven’t evolved - there’s no innovation!
  4. I complain about the graphical interface and look for visual alternatives to demonstrate that there is a different path to follow in the graphical interface
  5. My proposal here is to create a graphical interface equal and/or similar to Obsidian - it’s a proof of concept - I want to know if I have permission to plage the graphical interface and launch this graphical interface in MIT
  6. I would like to help two communities: Obsidian, Linux
  7. I’m thinking of creating a single interface that connects everything, something similar to what you do on the web
  8. I’m thinking of this idea as a real, powerful demonstration “Open Xanadu”
  9. Most graphical interfaces have navigation bar, icons to click on - all this would be solved with just a search bar and if everything is treated as a document

4. What do you all think of the idea of having a graphical environment like Obsidian on Linux?

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