Permanent place for daily notes

Would it be possible to set the daily notes to a specific place in the UI?

I would prefer having my daily note in the side bar so that it is always visible. Would it be possible to choose where your daily note goes? If you press the hotkey it would immediately replace the old [yesterday’s] note with today’s daily note


I will leave my response below despite realizing now, after posting, that you want this for the side pane, which I did not get before seeing image (just in case it helps).

Assuming you are unaware of this, I am happy to tell you that there actually already is a hotkey option for opening today’s Daily Note, although I am not sure what it is set to by default.

It sounds like you keep the daily note pretty consistently in a certain pane, so just focus on that pane and the hotkey should do the trick.

If, instead you are looking for a hotkey that resets your workspace and opens the daily note in a certain pane, you may want to consider pinning the daily note in that pane or maybe looking into the new custom workspaces.

Hope this helps.