Periodic Notes + Templater triggering both Daily and Weekly templates

What I’m trying to do

I followed an advice on how to use Templater with Periodic notes. So I left all template fields in Periodic Notes empty

I set up Folder Notes in Templater and added “Journal” folder with daily template.

My directory structure is:
Journal/2023/12/ ← daily note
Journal/2023/ ← weekly note

Unfortunately the daily template is triggered when I try to create weekly note. I know it’s logical because I added “Journal” folder.
Is it possible to keep such folder structure while using separate templates for daily and weekly notes with Templater?

I personally don’t use the Folder templates feature of Templater much and when it comes to creating periodic notes (daily, weekly, etc…), I rely on the plugins Calendar + Periodic Notes + Templater because it fulfils my needs to control how and when my periodic notes (daily, weekly, etc…) are created :sweat_smile: .

What were you trying to accomplish by setting up Periodic Notes the way you did ?
What was your issue/need ?

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