Periodic Notes for Future Date - Halfway there

Hi everyone,

I am using the periodic notes as a weekly journal dated to Saturday, the end of my the week. However, every time I open the note it points to the first day of the week on Sunday.

I worked on the template and I was able to set up the Saturday inside the note with and inside the YAML with the code ‘{{saturday:YYYY-MM-DD}}’, but I am unable to change the title. Obsidian shows a warning about the name of the file not allowing colons.

Can any one help give me a hand on how to solve this?

The eventual name of the the note/file gets created by Periodic Notes based on what you set in its settings (this is on mobile but should look similar on desktop).

Your actual template name can be mostly anything you want, but they tend to be descriptive: daily-template, weekly-template, book-template, or whatever.

{{saturday:YYYY-MMM-DD}} is a variable that you put in the body of a template, not in the file name. On your OS, the characters listed there in red can’t be used in a file name.

I’d review the Templates - Obsidian Help and Daily notes - Obsidian Help documentation - Periodic Notes works in a similar way.

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@ariehen thank you for your reply but I already had that in mind. I just tried all options available. Maybe I did not explain it correctly but I am referring to Periodic Notes plugin and not the daily notes function from Obsidian.

For future weekly notes, the only way I know of creating them using Periodic Notes is in conjunction with the Calendar plugin’s Show week number.

As for the template, I don’t use the Periodic Notes syntax anymore, but it should be something like this:

←[[ {{date-1w:GGGG-[W]WW}} ]] | [[ {{date+1w:GGGG-[W]WW}} ]]→

## Sunday [[{{sunday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Monday [[{{monday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Tuesday [[{{tuesday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Wednesday [[{{wednesday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Thursday [[{{thursday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Friday [[{{friday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

## Saturday [[{{saturday:YYYY-MM-DD}}]]

You may have to play around with the Start week on and Override locale options to get the week numbers and days to line up correctly.

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