Periodic Notes error - populating Weekly Notes in main folder vs designated folder

What I’m trying to do

I have installed Periodic Notes, and designated specific templates and note folders for daily and weekly. While daily notes will populate in the correct folder, weekly notes refuse to populate in the designated folder, appearing instead in the main vault folder. On top of that, it refuses to open the designated weekly note template. :weary:

Things I have tried

I have turned off all other plugins to make sure there wasn’t a conflict with another plugin; no changes or resolutions when I tried this. I have also turned off daily notes, just to make sure there wasn’t a conflict there, and that also produced no changes or resolutions.

I’m relatively new to Obsidian and I’m just not sure what else to try, or what I’m doing wrong.

Can you try in the Sandbox vault or a test vault?

I just installed Periodic Notes (v0.0.17) in the Sandbox, made journal/daily and journal/weekly folders, set them in Periodic Notes:

and running the Periodic Notes: open daily note and Periodic Notes: open weekly note commands create the notes in the proper folders.

This works for me with the core Daily Notes plugin off.

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Resolved! Thank you for the suggestion. I ended up creating a whole new vault and re-doing everything. That seemed to do it!

No idea what happened the first time, but I’m glad it’s no longer an issue.

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