Periodic crash on Linux

I recently did a fresh install of the newest Ubuntu LTS (Noble Numbat 24.04). Installing Obsidian again and syncing worked fine, however every hour or so Obsidian will crash, even if I’m not currently doing anything in it with the error below. Other than being a fresh install of a new version of the OS, the only other big things I did differently was I picked btrfs for the filesystem instead of ext4, and I am now using Wayland (with swaywM) instead of Xorg (with xmonad), but crash happens regardless of whether I pass --ozone-platform-hint=auto to make Obsidian use wayland directly. dmesg shows no errors from btrfs.

When the error happens, it happens over and over, so clicking OK does nothing. At that point I have to kill -9 $obsidian_pid. When I relaunch obsidian though everything is just as I left it including anything I just typed, which suggests disk IO is working fine but I dunno. Ideas for how to fix? Happy to run commands to help investigate, it’s easy to reproduce.

I installed with obsidian_1.5.12_amd64.deb.

I have the same problem since upgrading to Ubuntu 22.04 and Wayland last weekend.

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Strangely, the problem has stopped for me, even though I have not upgraded Obsidian (still 1.5.12) and I’m still using wayland+sway+btrfs. Maybe a syncing issue that went away when syncing finished? I don’t think sync took multiple days though, probably was done in an hour max.

I upgraded to 1.6 and still see those crashes.

I’m getting silent crashes in the last week on Ubuntu 22.04 ( PopOS )

Things I tested to no avail:

  • Update to 1.6.1
  • Disabling plugins
  • Limiting open windows to one.