Performance issues with published pages containing pictures

Steps to reproduce

I have a page showcasing a collection of pictures. However, every time I visit that published page, my cursor displays the in-progress symbol for a long time, and the page becomes unresponsive for a while. Additionally, the page lags every time I switch between pages.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

No lagging behavior or in-progress delays.

Are you using a large collection of pictures. If yes then consider optimizing the images for web use by reducing their file sizes. And plz check if there are any excessive scripts or plugins running on your page that could be causing the lag as streamlining the page content and minimizing heavy elements should help improve its responsiveness and eliminate the delays.

Thank you! I will try to reduce their sizes. But I only have 12 pictures, which were taken by my iPhone, not some fancy cameras. Also, I don’t have any excessive scripts or plugins running since it’s a really basic static site without even a customized CSS file.

What’s your website?