Per-page width controls

Use case or problem

I have a handful of files which would benefit from a wide display. Example: a table with more than 3 columns. However most of my files are just fine with the normal display width.

Proposed solution

Add an optional presentation controls section to each page. Perhaps as part of front matter? I can imagine a handful of options but have also seen similar discussions around dataview table widths.

  • default = current global settings
  • display width = window width, NNN (ie. fixed width), max width
  • lateral scrolling should be enabled automatically if needed

Some of these options could be included in the Global settings as well

Current workaround (optional)

Temporarily turn off readable line length. When I’m finished with the wide file, turn it back on.

Use per page custom css.

If you use the Minimal theme there are some preset width options to be used on a per page base through the cssClass fields, see Dataview return unique list in table column - #5 by holroy

Some caveats related to this method:

  • Settings > Editor > Readable line length needs to be turned off (in my experience)
  • You need to install (and enable) the Contextual Typography plugin
  • You might want to change the overall length options in Settings > Minimal Theme settings
  • And now you can set your cssClass to stuff like table-100, table-wide or table-max and various other helper classes

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