Per-page Reading/Live Preview Setting

Per-page Reading/Live Preview persistent setting: Does anyone know if this is possible via CSS or a plugin?

It would be a big help on mobile, I use certain pages (quasi-MOCs) almost exclusively for navigation. The keyboard seems to constantly pop up at the wrong time.

The preview/reading toggle should be more ergonomically placed IMO on mobile (hopefully the Ribbon will support custom commands like mobile toolbar in the future).

Some sort of in-document metadata to override the default mode would be ideal.

After a second attempt at plugin search, there appear to be 2 that solve this problem:

  • Homepage - downside is you can only set one page with this method

  • Force note view mode by frontmatter - This works and is pretty much in line with what I’m looking for. However the implementation is a bit annoying, it requires (ugly) frontmatter that I had to hide via a css snippet, and ends up taking a second or so while the page reflows from live preview to reading. I may fork it and rewrite to force the mode based on certain tags.

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