People Notes

One of the things I’ve been doing with Obsidian is creating a note for people I interact with on a regular basis. My boss at work, doctors, etc. This way I can see links to my daily note when I have a phone call or meeting with that person. But I’m wondering how far to take it? Should I create a note for my brother or my best friend of 30 years? It seems silly to have a note to remind me who my brother is, but at the same time, seeing those backlinks when I log an important phone call or family visit would be nice.

I do it for the backlinks.

Work contact get email, phone, and notes about their interests, priorities, how we met, etc.

And I leave that off for family and friends.


I do this. For the reasons you describe and more. I like to see people as teachers, and I ascribe lessons from them - when they share a funny story, it goes into a memory; when they share a historic victory moment with me, it goes into an accomplishment; photos or trips.

Lately my mother passed away. My page still had her sagely advice, photos of her, videos of her, her words, her journey… it felt like her presence was still here but in a different way.

It’s also cool because sometimes i see patterns and social dynamics. For example, my sibling has started to echo what my mother has always always liked to say - an a connection forms. You start to see patterns in your family, friends, community and workplace. You see groups form and disperse. You can take this to the geek level like I did and even see how they’ve changed chronologically.


I do this for all people I interact with. I’ll give you an example of my Mdeical contact:

Any interaction gets logged in its own separate file in a log folder linking to any relevant attachments:


Dataview makes it a breeze to get all relevant data together, both in an overview and on the specific person’s note: