People/Contacts too are part of the knowledge-base

I searched through the forum archives and found a reference asking a person with a similar request to post their query out here. They did not post it, so I’m doing it.

My contacts list along with it’s meta-data too are part of my personal knowledge-base, and handling data/information/knowledge from my vault in a way that could be linked with people/contacts would be quite a vital feature expected of my extended/second brain.

Would the core team please consider building something for supporting it out-of-the-box?
I am willing to offer advice on user scenario as well as testing, but lack the skills to actually build it. Sorry.

Hope I have not overstepped my boundaries.

An upcoming plugin will pull in calendar and contact info from Google.

Do you also have notes for contacts?

If you want to link to an Obsidian note from a contact in another app, use the note menu to Copy Obsidian URL and then paste it in the notes field (or a URL field) of the contact.

If you want to link from Obsidian to a contact in another app, that may or may not be possible. The easiest way would be to copy the name and paste it in the app’s search. On Mac/IOS/iPadOS you could make a Shortcut to ease the process.

There’s also a way to construct links to contacts on MacOS, but it may not work across devices if it even works at all anymore. Address Book URLs - All this