Pen drawing in Excalidraw plugin

Things I have tried

Excalidraw is such a wonderful plugin that hugely expands the possibility of my daily note-taking. I’m still learning and playing around with the plugin now. My first use case scenario will be learning a foreign language by practising character writing in Excalidraw. I used the pen draw tool with my Wacom tablet and found the stroke becomes thinner when I wrote faster and thicker when I wrote slower (the same as I used my mouse to draw so guess it’s not about the Wacom tablet).

What I’m trying to do

I hope there will be an option to make all the stroke thickness the same no matter how fast/slow you draw so the characters can look even.

Any thoughts?

Did you try setting pressure sensitivity on your Wacom pen. Excalidraw simply takes the pressure data from the device.

Else it is very simple to create a script to change the stroke pressure after you are finished writing. The Organic Line script is a good template to work from.


Hi @zsviczian,

I’m pretty sure it’s not about the pressure sensitivity of my Wacom pen because when writing with my mouse, the pattern remains the same; it’s the cursor moving speed that determines the thickness.

I found the solution to this though. If I zoom out the whole canvas to a larger scale, these thickness difference becomes tiny and unnoticeable. I guess that’s how it should be used. I might just have zoomed in too much so the tiny change of thickness looked so obvious.

All good now. Thanks again for creating such a wonderful, game-changing plugin.



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