PDFs wont upload to Obsidian Publish

When I am publishing my obsidian notebook within the notebook I have several pdfs of my own creation nested in specific folders and throughout other directories. When I publish my notebook however, none of the PDFs can be seen as items only within links on other pages, even folders that only contain pdfs do not show up at all.

Is there a feature that states that PDFs wont be shown as items in your navigation, or is there a size limit? I assume there isnt since the PDFs show up in hover modals on the backlinks.

Thank you to anyone that can provide any insight.

Things I have tried

  • A series of publish attempts with [changed/unchanged/and new] none of it seemed to work properly

What I’m trying to do

  • Is there a way to completely wipe and reset your notebook off the local instance

You cannot upload PDFs to Obsidian Publish at this time. Here is a quote from an email from Obsidian Support that I received in July 2022:

we currently only allow for .md , image, video and audio files to be uploaded.
The only exceptions are publish.css, publish.js.

My workaround: I will place PDFs that I want to share in OneDrive and generate a public link. Alternatively, I will upload PDFs to MemberSpace (affiliate link) so only members can download the PDF.

You can upload PDF files to Publish,
they will only be visible when you link/embed them, they will not be visible in the files in the sidebar.

@hsarji Sorry, I must have worded the support answer wrong.


@joethei Thank you for correcting my response. Until you mentioned it, I didn’t realize the support answer was from you. I’m thrilled because Obsidian Publish allows us to upload PDFs.

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