PDF's not showing on iPhone

Steps to reproduce

Added two PDF’s to my vault on my laptop, files are viewable both being embedded within a page, but also direct when opened from my attachments folder.

Expected result

On iPhone iOS 15 (latest) I expect to see the PDF displayed for the embedded, viewable when link is clicked, viewable when direct open from attachment folder.

Actual result

On iPhone iOS 15 (latest) I see a blank page for all.


  • Operating system: Upload via Windows, view via iPhone iOS 15 (latest)
  • Debug info:

Additional information

iOS app deleted and reinstalled. No plugins added. Outcome still the same.

post a screen recording of this happening with no plugins/default theme. Attach a copy of the problematic pdfs.

PDFIssue.zip (620.7 KB)
Sample PDF Issue files attached.
The vault was newly opened after being created on a Windows laptop.
The top link on page1 is pressed first, links to the pdf attachment, nothing is displayed.
The bottom link on page1 is then pressed (upon returning to page1) and links to the pdf attachment, nothing is displayed.
The gif, shows two issues. 1. When page1 is first opened, it states that the page had not been created (this is the embedded pdf link).
This happens with any pdf I have, be that created from Chrome, or a downloaded PDF.

Anyone else get the same issue with the files I uploaded in the zip file?

The pdf is not showing, because the PDF is not present on the iphone.

How do you sync your vault between desktop and mobile?

I’m using the paid sync option.
Under sync options on mobile, the Sync PDF’s is set to on.

is it enabled on the desktop too?

Thank you for pointing out the obvious mistake, much appreciated. It was driving me nuts.

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