PDF Won't Show on iOS 15

I am an “Obsidian Sync” subscriber and I have the app on 3 devices; Windows PC, Mac Mini, iOS (iPhone XS Max).

On a note I created today I embedded a PDF file. It works fine on the Mini and on Windows, but on my phone it’s acting strange. In “edit” mode the note looks fine but in preview mode the contents of the note disappear entirely.

My plugins, themes,PDF are all set to sync. Not sure what else to try.

UPDATE – I had an incomplete “bold” tag in my note causing the issue I think. That’s fixed, and the note works fine in both edit and preview mode, but clicking the link to the PDF results in a blank screen with a marker that says it’s on page 1/13. That’s correct, it’s 13 pages but they appear blank in Obsidian on iOS for me.

Things I have tried

Update – seems to work fine with other PDF files. The one that is blank upon opening was a .pdf file I created from Keynote on my Mac.

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