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Not quite sure where to put this, but I’m trying to tag all my syllabus pdfs with #syllabus, but they are all pdfs, which don’t accept tags. My solution for now is to create a md file with contents like this

tags: syllabus otherTags classSpecificTag

![[class syllabus name.pdf]]

It works well enough, but it means there are two files in the Obsidian File Explorer.
Is there any good way to hide the pdf file (or add tags directly to the pdf)?


You could move the file to an attachment directory. That doesn’t really hide the file though.

I don’t think Obsidian is designed to do exactly what you want to do (tag files instead of adding tags to notes). If you really need that functionality you might need to look into other apps like TagSpaces.

As far as an Obsidian workflow, you could create an index note for your class and include a link to your syllabus within that index. You could also link to class/textbook notes from that index. I found that approach helpful for getting a bird’s eye view of course material.

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