PDF on iPhone


Things I have tried

i have a lot of PDF in my Obsidian vault.
I need to read that files on my iPhone.
When I open a panel on the iPhone I see the PDF but I can’t read because it’s too small.
It’s impossible to enlarge, download or open with acrobat.
How can I do ?
Thank you


No answer = no solution ?
I’m the only one that need to read or print PDF from Obsidian on iPad/iPhone ?

Print i don’t know but pdfs should open. Check what happens in a clean vault and with a simple pdf.

Hi, thank you for the answer !
I can see the PDF file in Obsidian but I can’t enlarge or reduce it how I can usually do with any pdf. The pdf is to small to read it. If I use for example Evernote I can see the pdf, enlarge, reduce or download the file in the iPad. Obsidian is an incredible program but for me to manage pdf on iPad is very important.