PDF not loading in iPadOS

Steps to reproduce

Saved PDF to vault, linked [[ ]] to new note, note opens with now PDF

Expected result

Display the PDF

Actual result

Note displayed with arrows to turn pages of PDF but no content displayed


  • Operating system: iPadOS

Additional information

Moved to mobile, please get your catalyst badge here (since it unlocks that category; you can do so from your account page [the obsidian account]).

Does it happen for all PDFs?

What’s your obsdian version? Most current today is not most current when I read this post in a few week.

I’m having the same problem.

does it happen with all your pdfs?

Yes. All my PDFs on mobile only give me an empty screen with some page toggle arrows as @adamash1 showed in his screenshot.

what’s your iOS version?

14.4.2. I was thinking about updating to see if that helped resolve the issue.

try to update to the latest stable iOS

I updated iOS but am still having the same problem. (Btw, I appreciate all the help.)

Same happening on latest public beta of iOS 15

we have been unable to reproduce this problem. Are you sure that this happens with all PDFs? Also, does if you put the app in safe mode and restart, does it still happen?

Yes, it is happening with all of my PDFs. I don’t have a lot, so it’s easy for me to check all of them. I just tried turning on Safe Mode and restarting, and my PDFs now seem to be viewable. Does that mean one of my community plugins is the culprit? And if so, should I turn each one off individually to find out which one is the problem? Once I turn Safe Mode off again, the PDFs disappear once more. Thanks again for the help.

@WhiteNoise and @DGGoingUphill I believe I’ve located the culprit. When I turn off the “PDF to Markdown” Plugin and restart, my PDFs become viewable. So I think that may be the plugin causing the issue. @akaalias is this one of your plugins? It’s a great plugin that I’d love to keep using on mobile.

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Not one of my plugins. I think a restart of the device fixes it, as I can now see PDFs. Just restarting the app didn’t do anything.

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I was wrong about the restart, seems to be a pagination issue or related to a specific type. It’s happening to PDFs created from a screenshot, which creates one long, unpaginated PDF. A way to create an offending file in iOS is to open a Safari page, create a screenshot, set it to full page, save to Obsidian location in Files app.

I just tested the same file in the Mac app, and it renders fine.

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