Pdf export with community plugin (table-extended) not working

I am working with the table-extended community plugin. It renders tables perfectly in the Obsidian viewer but when I export to pdf it renders the raw text (see images below). Is this a problem with Obsidian or the plugin?

Code used in example:

The following table shows ....
| | Col 1 | Col 2 |
| Row 1 | a | b |
| Row 2 | c | d |
[This is a table]
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Hi, I’ve just run into the same problem.
I thought a bit about it and this is my take: Obsidian exports to PDF using pandoc, which handles poorly tables with multi-columns cells. So, the first layer of the issue is that pandoc doesn’t allow such type of export; but even if it allowed that, it remains to be seen if the “language” the plugin uses is understandable by pandoc (second layer of the issue).

TL;DR: complicated matter, might be a problem with both the plugin and Obsidian.

As a (very poor) workaround: dump your extended table in another note, render/screenshot it, then put it where it belongs as an image. Far from optimal, but it works.


Update on previous answer: totally forgot that there is an option for this.
It is under Settings > Table Extended > Experimental: Export to PDF Support.
Toggling it on completely solved the issue for me; tables are exported to PDF as expected.


Worked perfectly. A few notes.

  1. Option was under Settings > Community Plugins > Table Extended > Settings
  2. I had to restart Obsidian for pdf rendering to work
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Still broken for me. I was using Advanced Tables and reported a bug to them here. I tried Table Extended, checked the experimental option as you suggested and it’s still broken. Really crazy output… even though it displays perfectly in Obsidian.
IMO, it’s a problem for Obsidian, not the plugins… there are other problems with PDF support in Obsidian.

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