PDF Export of Dataview Table Cuts Off After the Row where LaTeX is Inserted

What I’m trying to do

I want to export dataview with inline queries that involve latex codes


When I export my file, the rows after latex is inserted does not show up. Like the following:

Original Table:


Pdf exported Table:

As you can visibly see, the rows after emotive language (in which $\to$ is inserted for right arrow) don’t show up. This occurs for other notes where I have latex.

What have I tried?

It only happens for pdf export and has no effect on obsidian usage, which is why I suspect that this may be a css problem.

Hence, I tried switching out my theme but the issue still isn’t resolved. I do have some CSS code snippets, but nothing that interferes with export…

I’m not exactly sure how to fix this. Is it possible to fix this issue with CSS? (I don’t know how to code) Or is it something completely unrelated? Are any of you experiencing the same problem?

Please comment any additional information that may be required to properly diagnose this issue!

Thanks in advance for your help!


Thanks for the clear description! You might want to try asking this on the dataview GitHub page, as the developer is active there.

CSS affects how things look on the page (e.g. the colors and sizes of items) but the process of exporting to a PDF is doing something much more complicated than taking a screenshot, and I do not know what information it takes from how pages are displayed vs. text content of the page.

Quick question: Is the same $\to$ used in the “super powerful example” in the row above “Emotive”? Any idea why that one does not cause the same problem? Is it possible that there is some issue specifically with the arrow at the end of the line? (Feel free to skip answering me and just add these details in your post to the dataview developers, as I don’t have any further ideas!)
Good luck!

Yes, $/to$ is used in “super powerful example”. I have no idea why that does not effect the row below.

I’ll experiment with the locations of the latex, and contact github page for dataview.

Thank you for the replies! Very much appreciated :grin:


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