PDF Export : Incorrect Text Color in Dark Mode in Linux

So, i am using Antix Linux, a Debian Based Distro
and the newest v1.6.3 Obsidian

as stated, exporting PDF in Dark mode Makes the Background color of the Export, White.
and, becuase of dark mode, the text is White on a Bugged out, White background, so essentially nothing is visible

But that’s not the case in light mode, as the text color is now black, black text on white background is perfect.

Seems like the Exporter doesn’t considers the background color for the Dark mode Export. but strangely considers the text color change

I had a similar issue with exporting PDFs in dark mode on another Linux distro. It seems like the exporter is not properly considering the background color for dark mode, which results in white text on a white background. One workaround I found was to switch to light mode before exporting, as the text color changes to black, making it visible on the white background. It’s definitely a bug that needs fixing, but this workaround might help in the meantime.

Please follow and include the bug report template when submitting bug reports. Thanks.

Moved to Help for now.

There are a few issue reports regarding Linux and PDF exports. Try changing the Settings > Appearance > Base color scheme → Adapt to system setting to Light before export.