PDF Deep Linking is inconsistent in Publish between direct and embed links

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create the 4 types of PDF links in a note which I have included my test.md of in the attachments area.
  2. Publish the note
  3. Observe the pass/fail behavior of items 2 and 3.

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Expected result

I expect all 4 methods to work similar and respect the deep link in the PDF.

Actual result

The primary issue lays in PDF linking states not being remembered when the PDF is opened in Publish’s attachment page. If it is embedded directly (without the need for the attachment page) or opened in a new tab via external linking, it works.


Occurs in Safari and Chromium at the minimum.

Additional information

Here is a test.md that displays the different ways to link on Publish, and my personal pass/fail test. Change the PDF to one you own.
test.md (724 Bytes)