Pdf crashes Obsidian on Android but not on Windows

Steps to reproduce

Open the pdf in Obsidian on Android and Obsidian will crash. It will keep crashing until you manually delete the pdf from the vault folder.

Expected result

Obsidian opens the pdf as usual.

Actual result

Obsidian crashes on Android but not on Windows 10. The pdf also opens fine on every other pdf app that I have tried on Android and Windows 10.


  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Obsidian version: 1.0.5

Additional information

I can provide a pdf. I found that any pdf that is produced using the latest version (v3.2) of the Onyx Boox software for note taking has this effect. I think they switched from storing handwriting as bitmaps to vector graphics in the pdf.

I strongly recommend that anyone using Obsidian on Onyx Boox devices does not upgrade to the v3.2 software until this bug is fixed.

One work around is to open the pdf in a separate pdf viewer, but a single attempt will be enough to put Obsidian into a crash loop until you delete the pdf.

A better workaround would be to include a setting in Obsidian to use the default pdf app all the time and not the Obsidian viewer. This would also be very useful on the mobile platform where there are pdf viewers better designed than Obsidian’s for the small screen size.

it’s possible that the pdf is to complex to be handled by pdf.js on mobile.

Is there any way to “switch off” the Obsidian pdf viewer so that the pdf opens in the default pdf app instead?

BTW, even a simple smiley face is enough to crash Obsidian. I can provide examples if that is useful.

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