PDF behavior

I have two PDFs that are behaving differently. One apparently is an embed and the other isn’t. what are the pros and cons of these two methods. thank you.

What I’m trying to do

Things I have tried

Can you screenshot what you mean?

There aren’t pros/cons. It is just whether you want a separate file or you want just the one PDF.

This one was brought in by drag and drop. It’s not .pdf

Does your file explorer have a file with that name like this?
Screenshot 2024-03-19 at 11.16.03 AM

I created a random PDF and dragged and dropped it into my vault on top of the vault folder.

Having a screenshot of the entire screen will help.

No. Each note has a name that I gave it. Just the extensions are different. Not sure what you need me to screenshot.

The full page please. That would help tons.

Full page of file explorer or of one of the PDFs?

Your entire screen.

Hope this is enough of a screenshot. It’s the first and third books that differ.

Ah, view the “Catalog” file in source mode. It should be including a file with ![[filename.pdf]]

Do you see that file in your file explorer?

Basically, what I am saying is, all PDFs are separate files. Whether you choose to include them into other markdown files is up to you. If you do that, it is to add notes, properties, etc. Outside the PDF.

It shows up as:
The other one, Jefferson Country, can’t be viewed in source mode–I assume because it began its life within obsidian as a PDF…
Am I getting close to understanding this? I

So the filename.pdf is Jefferson County.pdf right?

If so, that means they are both the same, it just added the PDF to the folder and you are just including that file into a markdown file. Typically you would do that for the reasons listed above.

Yes, the filename is Jefferson County.pdf

This means I may actually be understanding this. Thank you for your help.