Path suggestion in search does not add " " for multi word directories (affecting graph color groups)

Love this new feature! I was talking about how I wished it was in Obsidian a week or two ago.

I noticed that when setting a path query the options that pop up don’t work (with the exception of the / path)


This led me to try path:/Web Development (which works!) instead of the given option path:Web Development

Either the / should be added to the beginning of the given options or handling for the lack of a / at the beginning should be added. I personally prefer the ladder

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the work for me. Post a screenshot where it is not working.

It seems like it might be because of the space in “Web Development”, I created the Test folder to troubleshoot and it seems like that might be the issue


If your folder names have spaces in it, you need to either put the whole path in quotes

path:"folder name"

or you use an underscore


Ahhhh thank you!!! I was wondering why none of the paths I chose actually coloured the nodes. All my folder names have spaces in them :joy:


My recommendation is to just use PascalCase everywhere. No more pathing problems!

Yes in the meantime those are good solutions or you can add a / between the path: and folder name like path:/folder name

the solution is to add the " ".

fixed in 0.11.4

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