Pasting Text into MS Word - Formatting Issues

What I am trying to do

I am trying to paste text drafted in Obsidian into Microsoft word. I am using Obsidian to create and navigate through sample texts that I then edit in Microsoft Word. However, when I paste a paragraph from preview, sometimes the line breaks are too soon, resulting in weird formatting. This seems to particularly happen around italicized text. I have atttached a picture with some text and formatting markers as an example. As you can see, “regarding Restructuring” flows into the next line, although “regarding” can fit in the preceding line.

Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 11.41.19 AM

How can I preserve the font format and have proper text flow? Thanks!

This video may be helpful:

I’m playing around with, works good,

You can try it for 2 weeks for free.

You can also open .md directly with word

Thanks for the replies, and sorry for my slow response! I’ve been busy with other work for the past few weeks, but now I’m returning to this problem.

The video didn’t solve the problem and, unfortunately, Writage is only available for windows and I run a mac. To be clear, I need to copy and paste repetitively paragraphs of text. Simple export to Word files won’t work.

Oddly enough, if I paste the markdown flavored plain text into an online markdown editor and then copy their formatted text, the text flows fine in word. (I just tested it with but there are probably others.) So, it seems to me to be a problem with Obsidian’s preview function.

If you don’t mind me asking, what is the end desire for your workflow? Do you use Word for final formatting to turn in some kind of finished product? For sharing with others?

How about simply opening the files in Typora and copy and pasting from there?

I do that, in the opposite direction, when copy and pasting Excel cells into Obsidian. Typora produces a nicely formatted markdown table, Obsidian doesn’t.

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Yeah, I’m using Obsidian for a bit of a strange use case. My job consists of writing original text for graphs generated by survey data. To save time, we typically write template texts for common graphs we come across and then tailor them to the graphs in MS word templates.

I was hoping to use Obsidian primarily as a navigation tool to quickly find the template texts and then copy and paste them into the word templates that I need to generate. I can’t really draft the whole word doc in Obsidian; the key is really quick navigation and copying and pasting.

My guess is that there will be much faster and more efficient ways of doing this.
Essentially you are talking about having a template library from which you select and paste into a word document; presumably one where you can add and edit contents. I can’t advise since I don’t have a Mac, but I would certainly not be looking at Obsidian for a task like this.

Have you tried Typora?

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