Pasting same image twice should not duplicate the image but paste the same link

Steps to reproduce

  1. Copy an image, either from the web or a screenshot
  2. Paste it in a note, which automatically adds a link and the image is saved in the attachment folder.
  3. Paste the same image again in a different note, a new link is created and the image is duplicated in the attachments folder.

Expected result

App should ideally detect that the clipboard didn’t change and therefore paste the link to the existing version of the image instead of duplicating it.


  • Operating system: macOS 10.15
  • Obsidian version: 0.7.2

uhm… I am not sure this is a “bug”. I will move this to feature requests.

Cool. I updated the title.

There should be a way to quickly compute a hash for the pasted image and perhaps avoid having duplicated files? I think this would be very nice default feature.

Hi. Tiddlywiki has a thing where you make one tiddler (a page) with an image and you can use the title of that page with some code as a link in as many pages as you want to display that image.
Is that something we can do with Obsidian?

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Yes. You can add an image to a note in Obsidian and then either link the note in other notes using [[]] or transclude/embed the note in another note using ![[]].

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Great feature idea. This would go a long way towards reducing clutter in the attachments folder

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Thank you!
Sorry about the late reply