Pasting notes into MacOs Mail

Things I have tried

is there any nice way to copy a note and paste it into the MacOs mail app? I’ve tried exporting to html using pandoc but it doesn’t work, the final output looks garbage.

What I’m trying to do

if Linux or MacOS, you can use Pandoc to convert the clipboard from markdown to HTML.

That’s from a terminal, and the next clipboard paste (into mail, or wherever) will be the converted HTML. I’m sure it could be a shell script tied to a keyboard shortcut. I just haven’t gotten that far with it, but it does work from the command line.


pbpaste | pandoc -f markdown -t html | pbcopy


Thanks a lot!

The OS is MacOs. I have already tried using pandoc and converting to html, but when copied in Apple Mail the results are terrible. The lists and bullet points in particular are formatted wrong

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