Pasting larger images on Android takes forever?

Large images (about 10 mb), such as things taken with my phone camera take about 5 minutes to paste.
And when they do paste, they end up in a random spot of the document.

Sometimes it doesn’t appear at all.

I think this is because it goes to wherever I’m currently typing.

Things I have tried

Pasting small files works instantly
Pasting the same file on other apps like discord works instantly
Tried a vault not on my SD card

Well, 10mb is a ton of data, especially for a phone.

Similar sizes are convenient if you develop raw photos on desktop but not, to add them as simple attachments.

2mb are more than enough for quality images as embeds in notes. On phone you should use even smaller sizes, what would you like to see “more” on tiny phone displays?

If your phone screen isn’t the same size of a 27" desktop screen or more, then I’d say, get a file compressors app and scale your images down to reasonable sizes.

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