Pasting images

Use Case

I use Greenshot a lot when writing articles and copy images to the clipboard before pasting them into the documents I am working on.

Current behavior

  • A generic image name is automatically assigned to the image (With no easy way of renaming the file name afterwards.)
  • Only one asset folder location can be specified

I typically have many images in my documents and putting them all in the one folder gets really messy really quickly. I basically need one image folder per document.

Improvement suggestions

  1. When pasting an image, show the image in a pop-up window and allow the user to name the image and choose the folder it should be stored in.
  2. Allow each markdown document to specify the folder path the images should be saved into, in the YAML frontmatter. (Should be able to work with relative paths to the document location)
  3. A combination of the 2 previous points. (but would be very happy if only point 2 was implemented)


A really seamless way of quickly inserting images into documents and automatically saving them in the correct folder.

Allow the user to name the file as it is pasted into the document or being able to easily rename the file after it is pasted.


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