Pasting # Headings are not recognized

What I’m trying to do

Ive taken notes in plain .md files via visual studio code and Id like to switch to Obsidian.
However, when copy/pasting my files (1000+ lines) the # headings and all subheadings are getting “ignored” as in obsidian reads them as plain text and does not “convert” them.

They also do not change visually:

Only when I manually retype ## add a space and text, they then get transformed, visually and added to the sidepanel heading list.

Things I have tried

  • Ive tried the builtin markdown importer, no change.
  • compared the obsidian md file and my “old” in a text editor → identical.

Ok, I found a solution. I deleted my manually created vault and “opend” my current /notes folder as a vault, letting obsidian to its own thing and not copying over the files by hand. This works :slight_smile:

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