Pasting Greek Letters?

How do I paste Greek letters in Obsidian? Thanks.

Hi, I’d recommend looking into LaTeX Environments for Obsidian - it might be a bit easier than trying to copy-paste things. You can simply type, for example, $\lambda$ for that symbol.

If the font you use in Obsidian supports Greek, regular pasting (or paste and match style) should work.


Agreed with Angel.

You really should not have any trouble pasting Greek into Obsidian, assuming it is actually Greek you are pasting. I have encountered Greek in many old documents that is not Unicode. Instead, it was made with a font that just looked like Greek. (For example, the user would enter an “S” and the font would draw it as “Σ” instead.) If your source is something like that, it will paste into Obsidian as gibberish.

But again, as long as your source is actual Unicode Greek, you shouldn’t have a problem pasting.

I should also mention that typing in Greek is as simple as enabling the Greek keyboard for your operating system.

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