Pasting bullet list into Obsidian creates extra spaces

When I copy a bullet list from a separate application and paste it into Obsidian, the list pastes correctly, but I get two extra empty spaces between the bullet point and the beginning of the text.

This has happened when copying from Notion, Joplin and some other programs.
If I copy just the text (CTRL + SHIFT + V), I don’t get the extra spaces, but I lose the bullet points.

Does anyone know what causes this?


I don’t know what causes it, but I’ve seen it happen when I copy a browser tab group. I’d assumed it was a quirk of Safari (I guess I haven’t pasted lists from any other apps yet).

The extra spaces happens for me when pasting from Apple Notes or any other application. It’s two extra spaces after the bullet point using the normal Cmd + V.

It happens to me all the time when I am copying from Chrome. I suspect that Obsidian just defaults tab sizes to 4 whereas I have set it in the settings that I prefer to use 2. The paste function somehow does not seem to respect that setting. :confused:

That’s not an indent there, tho — normally it’s just a single space.

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